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February 26, 2017

EP22 Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Show | Upcoming Game Updates and News #SWGOH


Welcome to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Live Show! We finally got a chance this week to use Darth Nihilus in battle! We discuss our initial thoughts on this new Sith Lord that will becoming to our SWGOH rosters soon. Tonight we will cover the new Game Updates as well as some bug fixes. We will also look at the Top Characters and ships of the week and the meta report. This week's Top 10 will focus on the top Sith in the game. As a bonus we will try to complete the NEW "Places of Power" Assault Battle event. Check out the Live Show every Friday at 8:30 PM EST! Have a Question you want answered on a Live Show? Follow @LordSkunk1 on Twitter and tweet your question with #AskSkunk!
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